Monday, November 28, 2011

24 Days of Luke

Back in full effect after a Couple of year hiatus from the blogosphere, I am diving in head first. Here is what is going to happen On Thursday Dec. 1 I am going to start blogging everyday until christmas eve on my thoughts of reading a chapter of the Gospel of Luke each day. Been doing this for a couple of years now, posting stuff through Facebook but that is old, and figured I could us twitter and blogging more effectively. So what i will do is each day post my thoughts key verses I picked out, maybe a and application question, and something I am praying from the chapter I choose. What you can do is read my blog, comment, ask questions, basically let me know you care which ever. I pray this can be fruitful to you, I know it is to me each time I do this over Christmas/Advent season.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So I have been married for 8 months and it has been alot of fun. We enjoy spending time with our dog and spending time with friends. I am going to be posting more just was making sure this blog was still up and running. Look for more big news to come

Saturday, April 12, 2008


So today is the start of the softball season, I look out my window and see flurries, and wind, cannot believe that we are going to try and play. Karen is being wonderful and letting me play one game this morning before we finish up the final wedding plans with her parents and mine.
I really enjoy softball, but this is crazy to be playing in the snow, but hey anything to get a few swings in, it should be interesting. I wish that I was living in the south right now then I could be playing softball all year round. when I was student teaching in San Antonio we were playing softball during the 3rd week of december it was crazy.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Ok, if you have never ever paintballed before, I suggest you do it, it would be most fun if you get a group of 20 to 25 of your buddies and got at it, this past weekend for my bachelor party 13 of us headed to a paint ball park in Greene, Iowa. It was a ton of fun, running through the woods, high grass, crawling through a creek. At the park the put you through different scanrios from protecting a terriost to just basically shooting at anything and everyone. It definitly was a work out, but amazing we could not of wished for a better day, and we finished it off with coming back to my house and watching the ncaa basketball tourney and grilling out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break

So back from New Orleans, so I thought I would let everyone know what that was like. Let me first say that it was quit humbling just to drive into town and still see many houses destroyed or gutted out. It really puts katrina into perspective when you look at a house and see in person the picture of the X that they put on the houses that let you know when they went through it, how many pets died in the house and how many people were found dead in the house. Quite sobering, also while down town under an underpass at the interstate there were these tent communities that people were living in, it was crazy.
Now on the bright side we worked with lutheran disaster services, what a great organization, well organized and the food was amazing. My work group was assigned to a guy by the name of Kevin George, Kevin told us that he stayed on the second floor of his house for 13 days while the coast guard dropped off water and mre's to eat. Talk about some will power, he told us he would close his eyes and image his favorite resturuant while eating those meals. We built him a privacy fence. For me it was great because I felt like I learned how to do something. I also was able to hang some drywall, talk about a patience builder.
While down there spiritually I think the Lord really taught me patience, as well as a greater desire to truly seek him and the truth of his word, not sure how why or how this came out of a trip like no other I have been on, but through our small groups it was revealed to me that many of us, myself often times included, often times are waiting on God to prompt me or give me a feeling, rather than myself to truly go after Christ without question. Instead of waiting on God it's about opening the eyes of my heart to see that he is already there, I just have to reach out and open my eyes. Hope all is well with those of you who read this.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

One Month

Ok so I am getting married in one month, I was hoping the two guys that read this (Sharp and Jer) could come. Sharpy I know you live really far away, were going to send you and invite but I don't have your addy, shoot me an email. Jer? Anyways I am really excited about marriage, if definetly will be a change, even being engaged has been an adjustment, I quickly have realize that being single for so long you become a little selfish and sometimes I don't plan things in my life remembering there is another person that should be involved with the plan. I have been really trying to figure out what a husband should be, one of our verses for the wedding is ephesians 5, and that traditional wedding passagae has really made me look in the mirror and ask myself do I love Karen like Christ loved the church. Quite a sobering question sometimes, the great thing about this relationship is I am learning alot about myself and alot about my finace.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Self Loathing

So I have me convicted of self loathing, thanks to sharp and Jer, i realize that someone does read my blog, and i need to quit feeling sorry for myself. So my pledge is to update this a little more often. For you readers out there, check out, it is a church out in Seatle, WA. Mark Driscoll is the pastor of that church, he is really good, probably my favorite teacher right now. Check out some of his sermons, and if you want to know what some of his better ones are(they all are good) just let me know I will show you a few. You can also get the sermons on itunes, "death by love" is one of the best i have ever listened to. hope all are having a great day.